Just for Fun: Cowboys Give me the Hiccups

Just like good shoes, a good black dress and a lipstick that lasts all day, I believe every woman should have at least one cowboy in their lives, if for no other reason than to bring color to their cheeks during a cold winter.

I once saw a cowboy ride through a field where we were having a bon fire, swoop down and grab my girlfriend by the waist, put her on his horse and ride off with her. Talk about being swept off your feet.


She married him.

Cowboys open doors, tip hats, kill snakes with their bare hands (I’ve seen them do it) and look really great leaned up against a fence post.

Walk past a cowboy and he will look you in the eyes, tip his hat and offer a greeting so sweet it’ll make you blush.

“Hello Darlin.”




You will never EVER hear a cowboy say “sup?”

I can handle hello, or hi, or even hey. Tip your hat and say ma’am or call me darlin and I’ll blush and start hiccuping, which is really just a cover for giggling if you want to know the truth. It’s embarrassing really. I try not to react and yet I can’t help myself. Cowboys are just too stinkin charming. Fortunately for me, I married a city boy from Chicago before I met my first cowboy. Good thing too otherwise I’d be living on a ranch in the middle of nowhere feeding chickens.

Have you ever met a real cowboy?

Now, I’m not talking about Clint Eastwood or John Wayne. Great men that they are.

No, Hollywood’s version of cowboy doesn’t even come close.

I’m talking



flannel shirt,



horse riding,

cattle driving,

confidence and a swagger all their own

drive a woman to distraction


They work hard, play hard and love God and country like none other. They are loyal to a fault and will protect their family with their lives if they need to and work themselves to death in order to provide a home. I’m talking about the Marlboro Man live version.

Real cowboys make a woman lose all common sense. If you don’t believe me ask Ree Drummond. She married a cowboy and I don’t blame her one iota.

If you are from the north and have never run into such charm before I offer one piece of advice. When a cowboy tips his hat and says “Hello Darlin'” it is perfectly acceptable to look him in the eye, smile, and say “Hi Cowboy.” Just make sure you keep walking unless you want to live on ranch cooking beans and cornbread for the rest of your life.

Granted, if you are at a bon fire with your girlfriends and some cowboy (literally) sweeps you off your feet, by all means ride into the sunset with him. You won’t regret it.