Music Monday: Everything Good by the Gaither Vocal Band

My mentor gave me this CD when it came out in 2002 and had me journal about this song. By writing the words and journaling about them, I learned that I am not a victim of my emotions, thoughts and circumstances. I get to choose what I dwell on. I set the tone for the day by choosing to dwell on what is negative or what is positive.

The choice is mine and I’ve learned that what I choose to feed with my attention grows. 

Don’t feed negative thoughts. — I have a friend who calls that emotional cutting – where we cut ourselves with our words and thoughts. I’ve asked her to guest post on that later. For now though, I’d like you to listen to this song and journal about it. Write the lyrics down, study what they mean to you and apply this to your day.

I promise you things will start looking up if you take control of your thoughts and what you dwell on.

Have a great Monday y’all.

Music Monday: Angela Primm, Said I wasn’t Gonna Tell Nobody

I told you guys a little bit about Angela in one of my posts last week about Mark Lowry and The Gaithers. I wanted you to see for yourself how much wonderful energy this woman brings to the stage. She had me on my feet. She’s so endearing and so energetic that it can’t help but rub off on you.


Music Monday: Mary Did You Know, Mark Lowry and the Gaithers

This song brings chills to my arms every time I hear it. One of my favorite all time Christmas songs.

Mark Lowry is coming to Tulsa on January 11, 2012 — I personally think tickets to this concert will make excellent Christmas gifts. I’ve seen Mark live before and it’s a wonderful show and the price for tickets is unbelievable. You won’t want to miss it. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE TICKETS BEFORE THEY SELL OUT — TULSA CONCERT POSTPONED. MARK BROKE HIS LEG IN A FALL. HE’LL BE HERE MAY 2, 2013.

FCC Disclaimer: No goods or services have been received in exchange for this endorsement. I am not affiliated with Mark Lowry nor his production company. I am only sharing a resource I think my readers would enjoy.