Epilepsy Claims Celebrity Son (Sad Blog Warning)

This news report absolutely ripped my lungs out today. It hit a little too close to my heart and my deepest fears. John Travolta’s Son was found dead Friday. – John’s son Jette was only 16 and had epilepsy caused by a childhood illness when he was two. Jette apparently had a seizure in the bathroom and fell and hit his head. Autoposy results are pending.

Epilepsy isn’t supposed to be a death sentance. I know it can be. I know there are strands – rare strands – that are. But still. This one saddens me. And this is the second case I’ve heard about in just two weeks. One from my sweet friend in England who lost her baby girl to Wests Syndrome and now this story.

There are days I wish I didn’t have to remind Dillon to take his meds. There are nights I still jump up out of bed because I heard something, and find nothing but a sleeping child. There are days when he asks me to teach him how to drive, and I have to say not yet – six months seizure free and then I can teach you. And I feel, not quite pity, that’s not it, just kinda sad for him. If that makes sense.

And then I hear stories. I talk to Fi’s Mom about how we might finally have this undercontrol, having no idea they are fighting for their daughters life that week – and she loses – and I feel guilty even though I know I shouldn’t. I had no way of knowing. I knew they were in and out of the hospital, but I didn’t know how bad it truly was.

Please keep the Travolta’s and Fi’s family in your prayers this month.


ps.. for those who are wondering about Dillon’s Diagnosis – I never did post it – you can find more information here (ADNFLE). Thanks. I’ll write more about it later.

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