I did it my way

My kids are home today. The ice storm has shut down the city, forcing schools to close, my husband to work from home, and my bloodpressure to raise ever so slightly. We can’t be closed today! – I have to get ready for Nashville. I have laundry to do, floors to mop, clothes to pack. I need to have today to myself – I don’t have time… and so the whining goes.

Frank Sinatra knew what he was saying when he sang “My Way.” I love that song. Mainly because it’s probably the story of my life. Not that I have control issues mind you, I just like to get my way.

And my way is presently in Nashville Tennessee and I need to go get it. 😉

Several months ago several of my internet girlfriends and I decided to drive to Nashville for Chonda Pierce’s new video taping on January 29. We made these plans long before we knew what the weather was going to be. Sure enough ice and snow has hit many of us. But that isn’t stopping any of us.

What is it that makes this trip so special to all of us? We are Chonda’s National Turbo Team. We help hostess and promote her concerts when she is in our town. Most of us know each other through email and we have helped, encouraged, and prayed with eachother over the years. This is the first time, most of us will be in the same room together and we are excited.

All of us are involved as Turbos because we love Chonda and want to be a source of encouragement and help for her. She is not only a great commedian, she also has a wonderful message. Helping get the word out about her shows, is the least we can do.

This is going to be a fun week. I just need to get past the ice and snow.

I have several things to blog about when I return. Next week things will calm down again and I can get back to the business of writing. Today, I can get down to the business of being mom and knowing that things will work out if I can just remember to breathe and trust God with the details.

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