Nashville or Bust

We did it! We faced the snow, rain, and ice and we made it to Nashville. Driving through Kentucky had me white knuckled and tense, but Rena and I made it in time to see everyone.

I can’t write about the video taping other than to say “Wow, I had no idea all that went into it.” You’ll just have to wait for the release in March to see the final cut for yourselves.

Meeting my Turbo Girlfriend’s face to face was so much fun. Here are some pictures for you. This is our Turbo Gang. We coordinate the volunteers for Chonda’s comedy concerts when she comes to our cities. People kept asking us if we were a fan club or groupies and even though we tried to explain what we were, they would just smile and nod, so we left it with “Yes, we are Chonda Heads, we travel the country and sleep in tents.” This is honestly, the greatest group of gals (And one guy) you would ever want to know. We came in from Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Missouri, and Minnesota to help support Chonda.

Chonda’s best friend Alison is our Turbo Coordinator. This is the gal who recruits, encourges and strenghtens all of us. I can see why they are best friends. Alison is a screaming riot. I loved meeting her face to face.

Sir Richard – is a man of many hats, from the web page, to merchandising. I’m sure he has an official title, but we just call him “Thor-god of the turbos.” 😉

This funny man, with the freakishly huge hands is LeLand Klassen. LeLand was one of two opening comics that night. He’s hilarious. And please know I am not making fun of him when I call his hands “freakishly huge,” that is actually his line in his act. He uses his hands a lot as a comedic prop if you will. He is also a true professional. He completely blew his knee out just four weeks before filming and hobbled his way, in a leg cast, through the acts of the DVD and did a great job.

Goosing should not be allowed, but hey when you are standing to a wirey, ornery blonde, things are bound to happen. Zan was discovered when she won a radio contest in Florida to open for Chonda and she’s been traveling with her ever since. Zan is also in the video and I can see why. This girl is a total crack upi.

Of course me and Chonda. It was almost midnight when we took this picture and that poor gal had to get on a tour bus right after this and go to Shrevesport. I do not envy her schedule. Sorry about the bug eyes. I was tired to say the least.

Now for some simple random shots of me and Nashville. We had time to kill after the show and a few of us got silly on main street.

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