Digging in the Dirt

So what does an OKIE girl do on a beautiful, almost spring day? Dig in the dirt mostly. My gardens are trying to bloom. My tulips are coming up, my magnolia bush has already bloomed. And I still need to build out four more beds to get ready for Spring and Summer. I was supposed to be working on building those beds during the winter, but seriously who wants to be outside building flower beds in 20 degree weather? I may be going through Peri menopause, but my flashes are not enough to keep me warm in that environment. So, I kept putting it off until it warmed up.

It’s warm. My plants arrived early and I’ve got a week to build my beds.

Procrastination is not always my friend.

Speaking of arrivals, I had some “trees” come while I was in Nashville, which kinda freaked out my husband.

They aren’t tree’s exactly. More like really tall bushes, that grow to about 5 or 8 feet in height if you let them. But they aren’t trees. Really.

Another new piece I’ve added is wisteria. I love wisteria vines and so I ordered one last fall and then forgot I ordered it. Imagine Jeff’s surprise when a box comes (while I’m out of town)with the label “Grows 25 to 40 feet.” To call his reaction concerned, would be an understatement.

He has good reason for his concern. Really. He is after all married to an ADHD redhead who misses small detail, like plant height.

Case in point. While planning my front garden last year, I ordered what I thought was this:

The small print (stuff I can’t see to read) showed what I really bought was this:
A tree that grows 15 feet. Oopsies. Simple enough, I put my new tree in the South East front corner of the yard, where I’m sure it will flourish beautifully.

So you understand his concern. He works in engineering at Level 3. I’m an artist in many senses, more than a little ADD, and a bit flowy in my visual thinking. I’m envisioning the BIG garden picture – I’m painting with plants, I see color and texture and style. He’s looking at size and feasibility, of both our yard and our checkbook, basically, he does damage control.

Copyright: Deana O’Hara, Redemption’s Heart. 2009.

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