Ablaze Church Block Party

kids and waterWell, it’s official – our second annual block party / neighborhood festival was a huge hit in the neighborhood. We had great entertainment and worship from Halo Jordan, Rhema’s Axis Band, Zion’s Fire, as well as Christian Comedians Michele VanDusen and myself.  Yes, I do stand up comedy and no that isn’t anything new, I’ve been making people laugh on accident for years. Now I just do it on purpose. If you don’t believe me just ask my pastor about the time I informed him in Sunday school that I hated the Rachel in the OT (Jacob’s Wife).I thought the fact that God gave Christ through Leah shows that God does indeed have taste and that he gave men beautiful women for no other reason than to make complete fools out of them.

Yeah, that went well. I have the ability to make my husband hide under tables and my pastor to hang his head and blush. What can I say, it’s a gift. Being part of CCA is a huge honor and privledge. It is an opportunity to share the gospel through humor and Grace and make people laugh in the process. I could not be more humbled by getting to be a part of it.

Jennifer Weiser did a great job coordinating everything and the only sad part of the day was she had two performers pull no shows. She did however have a lot of help the day of and big thanks go out to everyone who participated in making the day enjoyable for the community.

Pictures from the day.



Dale Brookshire Brought out his chuckwagon for great food.
Dale Brookshire Brought out his chuckwagon for great food.


Pastor Dreier delivering his message
Pastor Dreier delivering his message


Our volunteers and performers
Our volunteers and performers


The day was long for everyone who was there by 9 am setting up. Even so, tired or not – chearful faces and chearful hearts greeted everyone who cae. Thank you’s go out to everyone who helped.

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