The New Zoo in Green Bay Wisconsin

aug 16 213Our family usually takes two summer vacations every year; one just for fun and one focused on family and friends. Our just for fun trips are usually some place close by to Tulsa, like Branson or Oklahoma City and only last about two or three days. Our family trips take us home to Chicago or New York or even Tampa to visit Jeff’s folks an these trips usually last 1 – 2 weeks. 

This year, we cut our vacations down to one and visited long time friends in Shawano Wisconsin. Jeff has known Todd and Laura since High School. They were even in our wedding.  Todd and Laura are in their early 40’s and have three year old twins; one boy and one girl. Wow are they busy.

While we were visiting – all of us went to this really cute little Zoo in Green Bay called, The New Zoo. (Click Here for more information) I’m not sure how new it is, but it is just the right size for little ones and had plenty for the bigger kids (my boys ages 16 and 18) to enjoy as well, including feeding the Giraffe’s.

Turns out the animals are all photograph hounds an we were able to bring back some wonderful photos.


aug 16 224


aug 16 239

aug 16 244

Isn't he beautiful?
Isn't he beautiful?


We had fun on Todd and Laura’s farm. Hanging out with old friends, boating and fishing on Lake Shawano and just being together as a family. Totally worth the 15 hour car drive.

Did the economy effect anyone else? How did you spend your summer vacation?

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