Ablaze Church Update — September 28, 2009

Welcome to our weekly update. Helping everyone keep up with what’s new at Ablaze isn’t always easy. The most difficult aspect of that is finding time to report.

We have many wonderful things going on right now. The best is our home congregation, OSL, voted to allow $15,000 that was reserved for a land purchase to be moved in order to pay for Open Arms Institute to come in and do a Market Research Study. This in-depth independant study will provide us with clear cut answers as to whether or not Broken Arrow is indeed a viable area for our church plant and learning center. I think that is a positive step in the right direction. Once we receive the results of this study, our core team will have a better understanding of the road ahead.

Our voters meeting this past weekend helped clarify a lot of questions that did still exist in the minds of people at our home congregation. One of the questions was is Ablaze a Mission Start or a satellite/Daughter location? According to LCMS COVENANT CONGREGATIONS site, we are both. The words are really used synonymously through out synod. Which can be confusing to people, I know. OSL is a Covenant Congregation and has been since 2008. We are the only Convenant Congregation in the state of Oklahoma. I think that is exciting.

The good news is both locations, our home location at OSL, and our Mission location in Broken Arrow utilize the same staff, same resources, and are part of the same body.

Broken Arrow is growing to the point that we need a new facility to meet in. We need our own place. This is why, now is the time to begin researching our options within the community we serve.

Our youth that meet at Ablaze are now wanting to meet during the week for fellowship and Bible Study. Our leaders, Erric and Jen are looking into viable options for that.

Wonderful things are happening.

All Glory to God.

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