Another Milestone

If God were to line up all of the teenage boys in the world and tell me that I could pick whichever two I wanted, I’d pick mine again and again.

My oldest son turns 19 today. Gone are the days of balloons in his room and banners on the garage door. He’s in college and this is the first birthday away from home. We celebrated last weekend by eating at Joe’s Crab Shack, a family tradition. I’m sure he’ll survive the day just fine. 

Even so, is it okay to say that for today, I wish he were here?

3 thoughts on “Another Milestone

  1. I can relate. Dani turned 19 while going to school. It was sad for her because although everyone tried to plan a dinner or a night out the whole week for her, no one planned anything for her birthday. She didn’t even get a cake that night. If we had known, I think hubby would have driven over there after work just to take her to dinner himself. She lives three hours away.

    Congrats on raising such a nice young man.


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