How to Give Your Husband a Heart Attack: Garden Shed 101

Better Homes and Gardens Photo
Photo Credit: Better Homes and Gardens June 2010

Word to the wise:  When planning out your gardening ideas, it is sometimes best to not let your husband see you on the Better Homes and Gardens Web pages. He saw this photo and almost had a stroke.

We are painting our shed and I did pick out some less than traditional colors like watermellon, lilac, and green apple. I think it’ll look great.  DH isn’t so sure. He say’s his power tools will need a new place to live.

I think he’s exagerating just a little – but you never know.

In the mean time, DH is trying to find a way to block Better Homes and Gardens from our computer.

7 thoughts on “How to Give Your Husband a Heart Attack: Garden Shed 101

  1. On the coast when the colors are grey and more grey having bright colors help with the dismal feeling grey brings. I’ve thought about painting my bench and table something brighter and still may to that. Not sure yet.


  2. It looks like Alice in Wonderland (Disney cartoon) not Tim Burton. I think it is fresh and cool looking. It will make you garden enchanting! Mary


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