High Fives or Low Digs?

Them: – How’s the no smoking thing going?

Me: Two weeks!

Them: Alright, way to go! High Five


Same convo with someone else

Me: Guess what, I quit smoking!

Them: Well it’s about damn time!

Me: Silence


I wonder who I’m going to share my victories with next time?

What kind of empathic communicator are you? Do you high five or dig low?

2 thoughts on “High Fives or Low Digs?

  1. I do my best to encourage anyone doing anything to improve their health, relationships and spiritual growth. You are doing awsome! Keep it up…
    love to hear your victories!!!!!!


    • And you do a great job with that Rena – thank you. I know for me, I really need to be careful how I word things because I can sound critical when I don’t mean to, especially when dealing with my kiddos.


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