Monica Lewinsky: The price of shame Ted Talk

Shame cannot survive empathy. – Rene’ Brown

This is an outstanding speech. I think it’s brave, intelligent and very well thought out. I’m happy she’s found a place of peace.  Say what you will about her, this is a great message regarding the cost of social media, public humiliation, and shame. I think it’s worth the watch. I agree, we need to change how we act online.

Freedom of expression comes with great responsibility.

High Fives or Low Digs?

Them: – How’s the no smoking thing going?

Me: Two weeks!

Them: Alright, way to go! High Five


Same convo with someone else

Me: Guess what, I quit smoking!

Them: Well it’s about damn time!

Me: Silence


I wonder who I’m going to share my victories with next time?

What kind of empathic communicator are you? Do you high five or dig low?