Monica Lewinsky: The price of shame Ted Talk

Shame cannot survive empathy. – Rene’ Brown

This is an outstanding speech. I think it’s brave, intelligent and very well thought out. I’m happy she’s found a place of peace.  Say what you will about her, this is a great message regarding the cost of social media, public humiliation, and shame. I think it’s worth the watch. I agree, we need to change how we act online.

Freedom of expression comes with great responsibility.

3 thoughts on “Monica Lewinsky: The price of shame Ted Talk

  1. You definately have strong political views. Not going to say I share them and that’s okay. I meant this post as more of an example of where this world is going with social networking and lack of privacy even for every day citizens and how we can change that if we want to and we should.


  2. Sorry, bumped the reply button by accident…

    Anyway, when Democrats circle the wagons, they don’t care who they destroy to keep their person (man, in this case) protected…

    Monica Lewinsky was demonized because Bill had to be protected. Because he is the greatest Democrat President in a hundred years. She “fell in love” with the wrong guy… Technically, she fell for the advances of the wrong guy, and she had to go down. That’s how being a Democrat works.

    Republicans, much as they’re despised, don’t do that. Someone gets out of line like that and they find themselves under the wheels of the proverbial bus.

    Interesting speech though.


  3. See, I get it. Cyber-bullying sucks. She missed the whole point to make herself a martyr though. Whether or not the Internet was up and running, she was going down hard. She destroyed, by falling in lust with, the greatest Democrat President in more than a hundred years. That affair showed him to be the liar Republicans always knew he was


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