Convention Updates: And Links to the Reporter

People are asking me how the convention is going. I don’t really know because I’m not there. But man I wish I was now.  I am however susbcribed to updates, and while I’m not allowed to copy the President Kieschnick’s opening speech – or any of the press releases in my blog, I am however, allowed to publish the links to them.  For my non-Lutheran readers who would like to know what is going on in Houston right now feel free to check out our news releases. Better yet, you can subscribe to these updates for free by checking out:

While I am not present, I have read Synodical President Kieschnick’s opening speech. I loved it. Included in his address is an explanation of a statement he made early on that offended a lot of people – When he said “This isn’t your Grandfather’s Church”, he was referring to the world we live in and not what other people made it out to be. While a lot of us knew what he’d meant all along, many did not and I’m glad he clarified. His address also speaks of the malice and gossip presently ripping our synod apart. He sounds more pastoral than politician to me. It’s a wonderful speech and I hope you read it. Law and Gospel in true Lutheran form. I love it.

President Kieschnick’s full speech:

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I’ve shared this in the past. I have removed my self from all but two blog rings and all social networks except Facebook because I could not handle the hatred, malice and gossip among my own brethren. Yes I deleted a pastor last night – his snarky remarks were more than I could take. I even stopped reporting on our church plant lest I be thrown into the political arena that surrounds LCMS today. I used to spin. My heart would break and I would get angry over the cruel satire and blatant lies. I would draw my sword and defend our stand.  I don’t do that anymore. Today, I let people talk and I ask what I hope are leading questions. If I get a nasty response, I move on. Bad enough I was getting it from my own church at times. I didn’t want it here. and I still don’t.

You are free to comment on my blog so long as your comments are courteous and respectful. I reserve the right to delete anything I consider to be off topic or just down right snarky.

One thought on “Convention Updates: And Links to the Reporter

  1. Our fleshly desire is to make everyone think the same way we do. So often, people become convinced that they have been appointed by the Heavenly Father to set the world right, but in reality, they had self appointed themselves. You are handling the situation correctly. I have found that one way to shut down a Pharisee is to ask them to support their stand with Biblical references. This is not OUR church. This is Christ’s church. He has set the rules in His word. It is not up to our finite minds to change that. Some things are written in stone (doctrine) while others are written in sand (music style). I am proud of you for handling the “Schizophrenia” so well.


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