Friday Funny: Church Banner Fail

20120203-085033.jpgDear Paris, I’m not sure if you are coming back just to see this photo, or if you are wanting to read more of my blog. If you would like to see my other stories you can click on the top banner that says Redemption’s Heart and the page will change to my most current page. Thank you so much for visiting.

One thought on “Friday Funny: Church Banner Fail

  1. Okay, there’s not being in love with the world and then there’s not knowing enough about the world that you have banners spelling out WTF…

    This is possibly one of the funniest things I have seen in a while – thanks for making me laugh on a Friday morning, Deana!

    Weltha (who is getting her laptop TODAY and then it’s posting every day on her blog. Every. Single. Day. Oh, and actually getting back with it in terms of eating right and getting exercise….because it’s been Katie-Bar-The-Door in terms of food – if it doesn’t crawl off, run away, or doesn’t bite me back, I have been eating it…)


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