Busted. Stupid Fortune Cookie.

Fear and desire are two sides to the same coin. – Vis-a-vis my stupid fortune cookie.

We ordered take-out tonight. I love fortune cookies if for no other reason than they make me laugh. (Not that I believe in them, just to clarify they are for fun) And I love Chinese food. double bonus. I do not  love the ” fortune” I got tonight and offered to trade. Until I read his anyway. Do you know what his said?

“Engage in group activities that further transformation.”

He chuckled when he read it and then he asked me the rudest question, “So how’s the cycling thing going?”

I didn’t see the trap and lit up like the 4th July.  For 1o minutes this man, my soul mate, listened to me talk about this blog and that book and this group and that ride. He stopped me at rides.

So when are you going?”

“On what?”

That group ride you’re talking about. When are you going to ride with a group?”

“Oh I’m not ready to ride with a group, there’s too much to learn.”

“Sounds to me you got the right fortune, but you want mine. You can’t have it. “

“Why not?”

“Because you’ll never find what you are looking for in a book. You want the experience without actually having the experience. It can’t happen. Put down the books and just ride. It’s the right next step.”

Busted. He’s right and I know he’s right.  The only way I’m going to learn how to ride with a group is by riding with a group. Books aren’t going to teach me that.

My question to you , Do you remember a time where you desired something but were afraid of it at the same time? What did you do?

4 thoughts on “Busted. Stupid Fortune Cookie.

  1. I day “Ride Sally Ride”..i ask myself what could happen that i could not get thru? remmber your mantra above..lastly one of my fave quotes “Fear is the mind killer.” Frank Herbert


    • I like that quote. When I bought the bike back in October, I expected the physical challenges I didn’t expect the psychological ones. Longest ride I ever did was 30 miles and that was 22 years ago and that was with him. Every muscle in my body seized up, I guess I “bonked” but didn’t know what that was. I was in the best shape of my life. I apparently have this mind block and need to over come it. I haven’t done a distance ride since.

      The group rides here are for more than 30 miles. That’s what scares me. He’s right, I can’t have the experience of breaking through the barrier if I’m trying to control the outcome by burying my nose in books.

      He’s offered to ride with me and help me come up with S.M.A.R.T. goals. Once I figure those out, I’ll write about them, in the mean time I’ll ride. Thanks for the encouragement.


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