Fireworks in the Rain.

My youngest is at the National Youth Gathering in New Orleans. My oldest is still at home so he, my husband, and myself braved the 113 heat index and headed out to the ball park on Friday night. Storms started looming overhead while a northern cool front came in to meet the heat. Both fronts collided directly over the field leaving a bright gaping hole in the center of the sky. I was a little worried at first, afterall we do live in tornado alley.

There weren’t any tornados, just a glorious rain shower. It felt wonderful to be soaked by rain instead of by sweat. They called the game for a short while until the storm passed and we were able to return to our seats. The rain stayed away just long enough to finish the innings. And then almost as if on que the rain started at the same time the Friday Night Fireworks began.  Everyone in our section ran for cover expect for the three of us.

I have to say watching fireworks in the rain is about the most fun I’ve had all summer.

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