Crazy Horses, The Osmonds, and the Tulsa State Fair

The fair is coming! The fair is coming! — The Tulsa State Fair is opening one week from today on September 30,2010. I absolutely love going to the fair; the concerts, the games, the rides, the food, the wild life, the animal shows, and everything else. Third Day is coming this year and of course my husband wants to go. 

DH thinks I’m a little sheltered on the whole concert tour thing. I don’t understand how he can say that, I mean I’ve seen wonderful performers like Rick Springfield, The Starlight vocal band(Afternoon Delight),The Silver Fox (Behind Closed Doors), Tony Orlando and Dawn, Rex Smith, and who can forget — the Osmonds.

I was ten when they came to the Detroit State Fair. My mom took the day off work — without pay — to take me. I’d show you pictures to prove how close I was to the stage — Donny’s sweat dripped on me — sigh. But a caterwauling ten-year-old and a camera do not mix. I have images of a blurred purple tie over laying a whitish leisure suit on this really skinny – albeit also blurry brunette boy. I can see purple socks as well, so I am going to assume it’s Donny and you are just going to have to take my word for it here. — I did include a Crazy Horses Video from that era for good measure though.  

So, what bands do you remember seeing at the state fair? Who was your favorite?

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