Never Skip Church to Write Comedy: Just Sayin’

(Added 1/3/11 – Not that I’m neurotic or anything – okay, I am, but that isn’t the point. – While I’m happy you are here – please note that this post is just an off-center offering regarding a glimpse at my strange mind — it’s not about Jim so if you are looking for him – check his web page at – really – you will be glad you did. That is the only official page for Jim Belushi – according to his webmaster, Jim is not on Facebook. Correction: Jim is now on Facebook according to his webmaster and you can find it HERE.) – 9/13 Oh and TY Google for screwing up your “tidbits” and making people think  I said THIS (as in my blog) is his page when I said the ws page was.  Okay back to our regularly scheduled post.

I had a dream the other day that I was married to Jim Belushi and I am beside myself over the irony.

It was your typical Sunday afternoon. The guys are watching football on the big screen and I am up in our room writing comedy on my lap top. I am on fire, writing great bits of wit and wisdom.  I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I know, I am no longer in my room but on a sound stage. I look at my teenage son and notice he’s written the letters U and F on his front teeth — he had apparently looked in a mirror while writing his message to the world with a sharpie. Dad (Played by Jim Belushi) enters the kitchen scene and we argue over our son’s newest stunt. I point out that every time he smiles he’s really telling us something obscene, even if it is dyslexic. Dad scratches his head and acts oblivious, I call him a moron – enter canned laughter and I exit the scene.

Off set I place my hand on my chest and proclaim to myself “Yes! I so totally rock as a comedic actress.” Looking back I see a look of shock on Jim’s face. A heaviness settles in my heart and before I can shake it, the scene goes black.


I am in my real bedroom sorting and tossing monstrously huge broken bottles of  conditioner into a trash bag on my bed. My heart is heavy and I am feeling more insecure than I’ve felt in ages, which is saying a lot really. I’m speaking with a brunette mother figure and simply ask her to go get Jim for me, I want to speak to him.

This scene is different, it’s not a set. My confidence is gone and each bottle of hair product I try to throw away is larger and more awkward than the last. I’m lost in that struggle when Jim enters behind me, clears his throat and waves a pillow in my direction to get my attention.

I take a step toward him, only he crosses his arms and so  I stop. I”m a wreck and while he notices that, he does nothing to make me feel better. He simply stares at me for what feels like forever and finally speaks. We are apparently married or something in this dream and Jim definitely has the upper hand in this conversation.

Jim: You wanted something?

Me: yeah. About what I said. I shouldn’t have said that.

Jim: You mean calling me a moron?

Me: (Eyes on the floor) Yes, That. I was wrong. I shouldn’t have said it.

Jim: Do you think I’m a moron?

Me: (Looking up) NO!

Jim: Then why did you say it?

Me: I don’t know.

Jim: (Arms still crossed raises right eye brow.)

Me: (Shuffles feet, starts smoothing my bedspread) – I was trying to be confident and funny. Like you guys. (Personal comment here: Like I’d EVER say that out loud, you know? I’m such a dork in my dreams.)

Jim: So, calling me a moron makes you confident and funny?

Me: yes, I mean No. … sigh.. I was trying to fit in. I’m not like you guys – but I want to be.  (Sit down on bed and stares at floor.) – (Wouldn’t say that one either! Who writes this crud. Oh yeah, I’m dreaming that’s right. sigh)

Jim: (Scratches his head and catches my eyes) — So you don’t think I’m a moron.

Me: No, I don’t. Actually, I think you’re awesome.

Jim: (Arms unfold and hands go in pockets) I see. …Comedy is a tough deal. First thing I’d tell you is to quit trying so hard to fit in. You are better than that and that won’t bring you confidence. People see right through that crap anyway.  Just be yourself. Oh and don’t call me a Moron, it hurts my feelings.

Jim leaves the room and I lay down.

Scene goes black. and I wake up.






I have to admit this dream kinda shook me up for the rest of the day as well as most of Monday. As a middle-aged woman stepping on stage, entering into yet again another male dominated field – having a dream about Jim Belushi calling me out, is a bit of a neurotic deal, you know? I mean he’s played all the venues I’ve ever dreamed of back when I performed all those years ago – Second City, SNL, Movies, Sitcoms. You name it he’s done it. He’s like the Godfather of comedy.  Okay, maybe that was a stretch, but you know what I mean right?  I used to see him at Cubs games when I lived in Chicago. No I don’t know him. Never met the guy.  Still, he’s fearless and funny and just a regular joe from Chicago and I felt like a five-year old in trouble with Dad in that last scene.

And so I’m stuck with two thoughts:

1. Jim Belushi is either some kind of father figure, my conscience, or God, and I’ve totally lost my mind


2. I’ll never skip church to write comedy again. I’m pretty sure God is messing with me.

I could ask a thousand questions about what does this all mean, why Jim? Why the neuroses? Why can’t I have a cricket for a conscience? Why the conditioner – okay if you’ve seen my hair you get that one.  Question’s won’t help. I still have my set for Yukon to finish editing. I have to look at Jim later — I’m sure there is something about him — that made him come to mind while writing on Sunday — Time will tell. I did delete everything I wrote on Sunday afternoon, — Dream Jim was right, it really wasn’t that good.

For those interested, Mr Belushi is in a new television series called The Defenders which is actually really good. I like it. You cannot turn on a tv without seeing an advertisement for this show, which is probably why he was on my brain to begin with. At least I hope that is the reason and this isn’t going to turn into some Christmas Scrooge thing where I’m visited by comic ghosts of the past, present, and future. That would suck.

(Side note: I did buy his book, Real Men According to Jim, and reviewed it HERE.)

8 thoughts on “Never Skip Church to Write Comedy: Just Sayin’

  1. […] 2. Never Skip Church to write Comedy. – I had a dream that I was married to Jim Belushi last year. It kinda freaked me out really. Freud would have a field day with it as did my husband. Mr Belushi is a very popular search topic or he likes to google himself. Either way, if you are interested in seeing a glimpse of my neurotic mind, have at it. […]


  2. Oh Geeze… Google took tidbits and makes it look like I wrote “this is the only official page for Jim Belushi” and left out the whole is the only official page — Yes, I’m being neurotic but I’m also getting more hits per minute than I normally get in a day. sigh

    Good news though – Jim signed with ABC to do a new sitcom! Yeah! — I cannot wait to see it.


  3. I’m adding a strange note — I’d received a friend request on Facebook from “James Adam Belushi” – who claimed – insisted even that he was the real Jim Belushi – of course I accepted – with reservations. It’s not really Jim. Disappointed? yep. BUT… wise as well. Be careful when on Facebook – always double check and make sure you know who you are talking to. Staying safe is far more important than knowing a celebrity. How do I know it’s not Jim? His web page.


  4. HA! Yep, I think both. Jim Belushi? I’m thinking really? But I actually get it. He and Jeff are both good old boys from Chicago — and a lot alike — what makes this funnier though — is Mike Williams knows I’m performing in Yukon as well and left us a note on Facebook to “keep it clean.” Just because we’re competing with men does not mean we have to be men on stage — Another reminder to be ourselves, women can be funny without being trashy. I really want to break through this wall of nerves and be fearless again — I used to be back in the day. Yukon seats over a thousand people Rena — AND we’re performing with some great talent — that set I wrote before I fell asleep had club all over it. It wasn’t me.


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