Monday Menus: October 11 2010

Confession: I sometimes treat my stay at home role as something I’m doing until my son graduates and I can go get a “real” job. The downside of that is multifaceted. Not only do I miss the moment, my family misses the connection while I dream and plan my days away.

Choosing to leave my telecommunications job in 1997 to stay home and raise our boys was definitely the right choice. Staying home was a lot more fun when they were little and in grade school because I had things I could be involved in. I loved being a home room mom, planning school events and even serving on the Parent Teacher League.  Now that my boys are in high school and college, there isn’t as much to do other than drive them places.  Yes, we made sacrifices so that I could stay home – losing my salary was a rather large one. And yes it was worth it. But I have to tell you, housecleaning, does not fulfill me. I need goals and things to focus on that are healthy and productive.

With D-man a junior in high school I find myself chomping at the bit for freedom instead of enjoying our last two years together.  I have freedom, and I think that is part of my issue. Gaining 60 pounds since they started high school is no coincidence. I eat – in part – because I’m bored.

Boredom is one of the things that really gets me into trouble when it comes to eating, that and lack of planning. I live with all men and it’s easy to just pick up grab and go junk food and not have healthy choices in the house. My guys could live on chicken wings and bacon – I think we need a better variety, don’t you? This new menu will definitely challenge my cooking skills. I went with a few new easy cook books. Better Crocker Healthy Heart, Dr Gott’s No Sugar No Flour, and The American Heart Association Cook book.  All three of these list calories per serving and all three are good for cooks like me – short on patience and time.

On the positive front, even with my feeble efforts of just not snacking so much, I’m down eight of the 15 pounds I gained post hysterectomy. Not too shabby for a month’s efforts.  I want to keep that momentum going and starting this week I  am grabbing my books and planning a real menu for the week and post it here.

Menu For Week of October 11, 2010

  • Make ahead Real Oatmeal for breakfast (From Dr Gott)
  • Make ahead Easy Fruit Salad, for lunches or snacking.
  • Mon: Glazed Beef Tenderloin with Herbed New Potatoes
  • Tues: Baked Fish with Italian Rice
  • Wed: Glazed Chicken over Couscous Pilaf – this is my night at the Looney Bin (Comedy Club) so I need something easy that I can make ahead and leave for the guys.
  • Thurs: Morning Star Tex-Mex Salad
  • Friday: Spring Time Pasta and Sausage
  • Sat: Date Night – eating down town with family the going to see Jeff Foxworthy at the BOK Center.
  • Sun: Grilled Garlic Sage Pork Roast


I haven’t figured out what kind of snacks I need available in the house yet. We have the standard fruit and cut up veggies, but I’d like to add variety. I am eliminating chips, ice cream and sugar laden cookies and cakes. I can hoover a pan of brownies in a day, and so can my 17 year old I’ve discovered. I’ll play with some healthy recipes this week and let ya’ll know what we like next week.

3 thoughts on “Monday Menus: October 11 2010

  1. I posted a comment, but I guess the blog didn’t like it…Anyway, I love CHEF
    (CHEAP, HEALTHY, EASY AND FAST) recipes. Last night we had Turkey Salisbury. I will cut this post shorter than the last and suggest that one night per month, Jeff and Dillon each choose a day to cook dinner. This will come in handy later on, especially for Dillon. I feel blessed and fortunate to be a “naturally born” cook. I seldom measure anything, which makes it hard to share a recipe with someone else. I inherited this “talent” from my mother. And I’d like to add a note to Jeff…TOFU takes on the flavor of whatever it is cooked it spreads out the good flavors without adding fats and sugars. TOFU is GOOD…


    • HA! Thanks Rena — Jeff has a magical tongue when it comes to tofu — it’s the texture I believe that does him in and it almost reminds me of when I’d feed strained peas to my oldest. Charlie’s tongue would start pushing it back out as soon as I spooned it in.


  2. Chicken wings and bacon make great snacks!
    Seriously, if I don’t say it enough – I really appreciate you looking out for us in the food department. I know we don’t always make it easy, but please don’t stop trying. I love your cooking – just as long as there’s no Tofu we’re good!


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