Monday Menu: October 25, 2010

Stuffed Peppers
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I didn’t post a menu last week, and you know what happened? I didn’t follow a plan and I didn’t lose weight. hmm. Coincidence? I doubt it. I learned something though. After two weeks of no sugar and not much flour, I had energy, my stomach didn’t hurt, and I just felt better all the way around. Last week, I ate sugar and flour and had stomach aches and head aches all week. That, and I also gained three pounds. Healthy eating does not happen by accident, therefore as annoying as menu planning is to me (I’d much rather wait and see what I feel like eating than plan it) planning works. We have worked the following things into our menu so far:

SUNDAY: We are not the big Sunday Dinner family type. Sunday is church and football and my day off. I provide a buffet of choices, sandwiches, snacks, fruit and whatever else the guys can grab and go during game day — once in a while I’ll throw in slow cooker chili made on Saturday night  or left over meat from Saturday, but that is really about all.

SATURDAY: Used to be our sports day and Jeff’s work day at the Mission Start. Now that D-man is no longer playing soccer and Jeff only works at the plant every other week, we’ve changed Saturdays to family night.  Saturdays are my red meat nights, whether it’s a roast, or stew or something else, I make sure to plan a good dinner on Saturdays.

MONDAY AND FRIDAY: Fish night. — I am not a big fish eater, I’m not even a  fish cooker, but with my now being on blood pressure medicine, my doctor has encouraged me to expand my horizons and learn how to cook fish so there you go.

TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY: Are Chicken and or Turkey and sometimes pork.

THURSDAY: Is my 100% vegetarian night. This is where I really get to be creative and work up dishes that taste wonderful and are nutritious.

We all lead very busy lives, and I won’t always follow this plan, but it’s a start. 

My Menu for this week is simple:

Mon – Salmon with fingerlings potatoes and green beans.

Tue – Red Wine Pork Chops 

Wed: Stuffed Peppers

Thurs: Ratatouili on spaghetti squash

Friday — I’m performing in Yukon on Friday, and so we’ll be eating out.

Saturday: Jeff is at Ablaze and Dillon is at a dance – I’ll be home alone (between playing chauffeur) and will simply make slowcooker chili to be enjoyed on Sunday.

And that’s my plan for this week. What’s yours?

4 thoughts on “Monday Menu: October 25, 2010

  1. A recipe sharing area would be cool — I need to get my IT Geek Thinking helmet out.. LOL probably have to do that on facebook. I love that recipe though — I think you gave it to me and I make it several times a year.


  2. Deana, Sams Club has Tuna steaks that are wonderful!!!! Since my little scare, we, including Martin, have decided that “we” must all eat a bit more healthy. Martin is not a fish eater, but he did like the George Forman grilled lemon pepper tuna steak. I am easing into fish for his taste buds to adapt.
    We substitute a lot of hamburger with turkey burger, usually Honeysuckle White brand because it has less dark meat in it. We have always had a veggie day, and I am turning that into Sunday so I can have some down time. With colder weather, crock pot Confetti Soup will be on the menu a lot! (1/2 pound ground turkey + sweet onion + a can of tomatoes + a can of any and every veggie you want, or even frozen veggies will do. Low sodium and almost no fat!) We need a recipe sharing area…..
    Keep Smiling,


  3. Uhhh…. About Thursday’s. I think I have a thing that night. Yeah, that’s it….a thing! Kidding of course. You’re an awesome cook and we are blessed to have you in our lives! Love ya! J


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