Fall Break: Letting Go Again

“Mom, could you please take your hands off the ceiling of my car? You’re freaking me out.” — D-man yesterday as he drove home from school.

I rode with my youngest for the very first time yesterday. He did great. I looked like spider woman with my arms splayed in every direction and my feet pumping imaginary breaks at various points of our 10 mile drive home from school. Learning how to drive is a rite of passage that I wasn’t sure D-man would ever have. He’s had epilepsy since he was six and until we got it under control, driving was a non issue. He hit his two-year seizure free mark on October 5. One more year, and we can buy life insurance. I am happy for him and sad all at once.

DH taught our oldest to drive, and I didn’t ride with him until he had his license. Because of D-man’s busy daytime schedule of high school and Vo-Tech, we are in the car a lot. It only makes sense that I  let him drive as much as possible even if it means my learning how to not hang onto the ceiling. While, I’m happy for him there is a real part of me that knows my baby is spreading wings, and I have to let go a little more. He’s a junior this year, and he’s already told us that he plans on leaving for Nashville once he graduates. Oh boy.

To keep me on my toes, our oldest called on Sunday to let us know that fall break starts on Wed, BUT he wants to go to Texas with some buddies for a couple of days and he’ll be home for the weekend. It seems there is this girl that he met through a friend – via Skype – and they are planning on meeting in person. Telling me he wanted to go to Cancun with his buddies for Spring Break would have scared me less than this. I was in a funk for two days. He’s 19, and he crossed state lines to meet a girl! sigh.

This is  a wonderful season for my guys. They are testing their wings, and as a mom I have to let them, even when I want to strap myself to their sun visor like some Saint Christopher amulet. We’ve raised them well. All I can do is keep creating a home worth coming home to – and good memories for them to keep in their hearts and trust that God knows the plans he has for them, plans not to harm them but to give them a future and a hope. (Jer 29:11) God doesn’t have grandchildren.

We gave them wings, guess I should let them fly hunh?

4 thoughts on “Fall Break: Letting Go Again

  1. I love that imagry. He had fun in Texas and survived a five hour drive home to boot. Still even they are ALL asleep, I love having all of my men home. It just feels right.


  2. Ah yes…teenager behind the wheel. I opted to let Martin have the pleasure of all of that due to my impatience. I was similar to Hiacynth on Keeping Up Appearances: .”mind the cylist”…”what cyclist”…”that one there in the parking lot”…”but we aren’t in the parking lot!”…”don’t be so argumental!”
    You get the picture. One last thing to take note of when it comes to letting our children fly: Blessed are they who are flexible, for they shall not break easily. Allowing them visit friends instead of us is hard, but they feel comfortable enough with us to know that they can do that and still be welcomed home. (not meaning giving permission..meaning giving your blessings for them to do this)


  3. thank you, so much, for that, Deana … made me laugh, cry, reminisce, think ahead … all in just a matter of moments … beautiful … thank you, my friend. ‘nette


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