When Teams Share Names

I worked for Sprint Communications from 1986 – 1990. During that time I fixed computers, wired muxes, installed PBX systems and ran a data room the size of my kitchen. I was pretty smart back then I think. Even so, sports and I are not really friends.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll watch the Bears with my guys any day and back then, I sat in the bleachers of Wrigley Field with my binoculars (to better see the second baseman with) like every other gal in the city. I love baseball, and I love my Cubs. But.. even an avid sports fan (Rhino groupie) has her limits.

Take the day I was covering the lunch shift at the switchboard.

Me: Sprint Communications, how may I direct your call?

Voice on other end: Yes, this is Joe Montana, may I please speak with Loren?

Me: Oh I get it, a code name! Sure I’ll put you right through. (Loren was our secret service guy — used to work for President’s Ford and Reagan.)

Voice: No. This is really Joe. We went to college together.

Me: Oh I know you! You’re that guy who does those panty hose commercials. I love those commercials.

Voice: Sigh. No, that would be the other Joe. I play football.

Me: Really? For who?

Turns out Mr Namath Montana played for San Francisco. Hmm.. I would have known that if I really cared about football. But I didn’t. Turns out, he was cute! Shoulda ‘paid closer attention.

Now.. If I got Joe wrong, can you blame me for thinking that the New York Giants won the World Series?

I think teams should make up their own names and not steal from other sports. Just sayin.

7 thoughts on “When Teams Share Names

  1. What I hate is when they move the team and yet keep the “name”. Let’s see, where are the Rams this year? I lost interest in baseball during the last strike numerous years ago, writing them off as greedy wannabes. But don’t get between me and my football! My favorite all time football player played for the Bears.


    • I know what you mean about the strike. That’s why I like Rhine Sandburg — he walked away from Baseball during the strike. He voted against it, and didn’t want it. Total class act. And yeah, in my house – with my husband, the Bears is the only football team we really root for – even in Cowboy country.


    • It was thrilling — too bad I was too young and notsosmart on the football scale to realize who I was talking to. When I told my boy friend (now husband) what happened, he about DIED! Started quoting stats at me, and yeah, it was a looooong time before I lived that one down.


  2. Hahaha yes I can still totally blame you for that.

    I know the feeling of really not giving one though. I didn’t even realize the world series was over until you just reminded me…


    • LOL thanks! Love the support. Yeah, I got my states confused for a while there. It’s just been one of those days. I really do like baseball too — just don’t always get my teams right.


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