Atomic Carrot with Flames

Human hair close-up
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Late breaking news.  A hair crisis hit Broken Arrow when we discovered that all new hair growth along my crown and center part appeared to be white. In an effort to hide this Bride of Frankenstein phenomenon, I pulled my hair back in a ponytail only to discover that the hair on my temples is also white.

That can’t be.

Granted, we did have a frost this weekend. But white hair? at 45. Say it ain’t so Joe.

It’s so.

And I did what any rational woman would do.

I tried to bleach my hair blonde so as to blend better with the new white and as quick as you can say “Nice and Easy,” I invented a new color.

Atomic carrot with flames..

and the white roots? are still white.

Since misery loves company, not to mention really cute hats, would any of you like to share your hair fiascos with me?

3 thoughts on “Atomic Carrot with Flames

  1. When I see that one again. I’ll let you know what it is….I can’t remember it right now, but will recognize it if it is in front of me.


  2. I love it. Red is a really hard color to buy and still look natural. I stick with one brand myself when I do that. — this fiasco will need to be professionally fixed. Thank heavens winter is upon us and I can wear hats. That’s all I can say.


  3. Once I tried to save money and on sale, I bought a supposedly brown with auburn highlights color. The results? Well, let’s just say that Martin went to the store to buy my usual color for me. I was NOT going out in public looking like that! I always thought auburn was a reddish/brown tint…I looked like a flaming redhead! No brown…just flat headed RED! Little orphan Annie Red! Now, a lot of folks look reaaly great with red hair…but not this little brunette. Now, if I try a new color, I always buy a box of my orignal just in case…and I am no longer going to EVER switch brands to save a buck or three! I am WORTH IT to buy THE brand I use. LOL


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