It’s an Attitude of the Heart

‎”The overflow of our lives saturates those around
us, good or bad. Each day we spread either thankfulness, kindness, love, forgiveness, and grace, OR we soak others with our bitterness, discontent, complaining, impatience, and sour attitude. What overflows from your life? When you spill over, what saturates the lives of… those …around you?”~Hester Christensen

One thought on “It’s an Attitude of the Heart

  1. When I am not exactly what you would say as “socially acceptable”, I try to warn people to stay clear of me and if I say something sharply to not take it personally. I am working on finding at least one good thing to say to and about each person I know…and sometimes it is a challenge…I was told that there are three questions to ask before opening my mouth: Is it true? Is it positive? Is it necessary?
    Gotta love mentors who stomp your toes with wisdom like that.


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