It Was a Carb Coma Kind of Day

Our dining room set for Thanksgiving dinner
Image by rick020200 via Flickr

I’ve learned that the trick to a great Thanksgiving dinner — aside from awesome recipes ala Ree Drummond, is apparently drinking a cup of coffee at 6:00 pm the evening before. Laying in my bed, bugged eyed at 1 am, I decided to go downstairs and pour myself some warm milk. While in the kitchen, I thought to my non sleepy self, since I’m up I might as well set the dining room table, and the next thing I know I’m making the mashed potatoes at 3 am. Turns out I’m creative when I can’t sleep, one dish followed another and I did not go back to bed until I put our stuffed bird in the oven at 6:00 am. Then and only then did I stumble into bed for 3.75 hours of wonderful sleep.

Granted, I have friends who do this normally anyway. Stay up all night, the night before and cook — but I usually don’t. I like my sleep.

What about you? Are you an all nighter kind of turkey day cook or do you cook the day of?  I’d love to know.

One thought on “It Was a Carb Coma Kind of Day

  1. My “normal” Thanksgiving begins Wednesday afternoon. I take off work early and come home to make sure everything I need is there. Around 4, kids and grandkids show up. We all go out to Christmas In The Sky at 5, which is a fireworks display choreographed to Christmas music and return home for hot coco and cookies. The parents leave and the kids start baking…usually around 9PM. They each do their own dessert. (I am told ahead of time what they want to cook so I have all of the ingredients) After they are done in the kitchen, it is wall to wall kids in the living room floor to watch Christmas movies and I prepare the bird. One of the grandkids likes to help with that, so we get it in the oven around 11 and let it cook all night at a very low temperature. I get up around 4 or 5 AM to start breakfast and the big day begins….
    This year…nobody was able to come on Wednesday night, but we did enjoy Thanksgiving Day. Each “family” brought something for the feast.


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