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Okay, okay. I might have been a little harsh on character Pete Kaczmarek (played by Jerry O’Connell) from the new hit show The Defenders in my earlier post about the show.  I was speaking at the time about how I seem to watch only shows with “eye-candy” as my son would call it and I was defending myself – miserably. In doing so, I insisted that Pete’s character was not eye candy and that I think pretty boys are boring, one-trick ponies. I like the other guy, played by Jim Belushi – which I do. 

If you haven’t seen the show, Pete Kaczmarek is a defense attorney working in Las Vegas. He’s ambitious, good-looking, charming, well-respected and a serious playboy. Jerry O’Connell brings out the humor as well as the soul – when needed – very well. Still, Pete, respected or not, is a hound dog who knows how to work women to his advantage.

Why I was so harsh when first describing his character, is guys like Pete  used to turn me into a stammering, neurotic, brainless, idiot when I was younger. It’s not pretty, trust me. For those who don’t know me really well let me explain that I was being tongue in cheek when I called him a One Trick Pony, okay guys? I didn’t work them, they worked me.

 The trick was simple, they’d smile and I’d open my wallet, my home, my car, whatever just so that I could walk into a room with them. I didn’t date them, I bank rolled them. I was the sidekick friend to whatever hot alpha female they were toying with. I never got the guy, I just got the bills. I even had dinner at the Chicago Yacht Club once, I was impressed until he forgot his wallet. Okay, I didn’t care, cuz well.. he was GORGEOUS.

  I pick on pretty boys because God forbid, one of them starts up flirting with me, I still blush and giggle at 46 and I swear that embarrasses me even more. It’s a curse. I hate it – not the flirting, I kinda like that. I mean I hate the whole blush/giggle thing. You can ask my husband if you don’t believe me. — He’ll tell you all about the cowboy who tipped his hat at me and said “Ma’am.” I think I squeaked before I blushed and giggled, I’m not sure. That poor man.

To be fair – I’ll tell you about the time we were at a concert and Nicole Nordeman walked up to him, stuck out her hand to shake his and rendered him speechless. Our youngest son just looked up at her and said’ Uhm, I think my dad wants your autograph.” — He punched me in the arm when he got back to the seats for not telling him she was there. I’d never heard of her, but apparently he had.

  How I wound up with the man I did, I’ll never know. I actually think God took pity on me.

Jerry O’Connell plays Pete, really well and his character does have a lot of heart as is shown in episode one when he keeps an innocent kid from going to jail.  If you want to see what I’m talking about, check out CBS’s latest Defenders Trailer.  I tried to embed it, but the CBS page isn’t set up for that, sorry.

So, come 9 pm CST, I’ll be at home watching my favorite new show. What are you going to be doing? – edited to add: Or not. CBS had a Grammy Show scheduled instead, and the local affiliate chose to show a college basketball game and some Survivor show. Now I’m sad.

2 thoughts on “Are you watching The Defenders Tonight?

  1. Even eye candy gives you cavities. Had a friend who was unimpressed with a certain man’s looks. She kept telling me how wonderful he was but she couldn’t get over how “unattractive” he was…and then one day I asked her a serious question…”How would you feel about him if you were blind?” She has been married to him now for 8 years and is happier than I have ever seen her. I don’t care who you are…your looks will give way to gravity and if you don’t have inner beaty, you are nothing more than the molecular structure from which you were made…dirt! Today they are pretty and smell good, but tomorrow, they start withering and have gas.


    • Okay that is funny! — What an image. The whole inner beauty thing is true as well. Jeff and I have been joking over the men they’ve been casting the last few years. I got teased a bit when I started watching The Defenders — in an oh great more good looking guys kind of way. It’s actually a good show though. Now that I’m hooked — new episodes won’t show until Jan. Oh well.


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