Sometimes it’s just not funny.

Have you ever been through one of those times where things just don’t seem funny? You know what I mean. The normal things that used to make you laugh just make you raise an eyebrow instead. I’m kind of in that mood. It’s not hormones (got that fixed last year) I’ve just been in this funk for a couple of weeks now and I’m not sure how to pull out.

Please don’t go sending me your left over Prozac, I’m not depressed. A little snow blind maybe, but nothing more.

I was giddy just a few weeks ago. I mean I hired Taylor Mason to perform at our church. Jim Belushi told me to add him on my Facebook (Holy Cannolis Batman, Jim Belushi knows who I am — ) and I’ve lost 13 pounds. I should be stinking ecstatic. And those are all really cool wonderful things — and I am happy about them.

What I haven’t figured out though is how to handle the unhappiness that surrounds us. One friend is having painful family issues, a friend has a child who is sick, others (plural) are going through divorce friends unfairly fired, another friend fell pretty painfully, and now I’ve learned about someone dealing with aggressive breast cancer and my poor heart just couldn’t take it anymore. Her’s was the last bad news I could stand before bursting into tears – on the spot- in church in front of God, my pastor and the whole congregation. It’s like the whole world has gone mad.

I know it hasn’t, but wow it can feel that way some times.

So, what do you guys do when the news of the world seems to press in on all sides? How do we keep our hearts open, and receptive to others without drowning?


2 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s just not funny.

  1. It is a tough situation to be in…I know. When I was about to go over the edge, you were a key player in bringing me out of it. Since that time, I am learning (perfect present tense…continuing to learn) that God is in control of all of the things going on. I had to give to Him all of the heartache and hurts of the people around me, I could not keep them on myself. It is ok to cry and feel the pain; friends do that, but we can’t let it take over. Without empathy, there is really no friendship, and without friendship, there is no caring. You are one of the most caring people I know and all of us (your friends) appreciate it. Wrap yourself in praises to God as much as possible. I will be a prayer partner with you to get through this. Listen to Plum’s song “I Am Here”…take the message to heart. I love you!!!!


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