Return: If I don’t return, it’s because he’s killed me

People often ask me what the secret is to being married for 21 years.

Is it trust?



Nah — I don’t have life insurance. He can’t afford to kill me.

That’s what I tell people anyway.

This really nice broker has been making house calls to my home for two years in hopes of securing our investment accounts. He’s with a reputable company — had great things to say about bonds, IRA’s and China. He’s a follower of Dave Ramsey – he has to be good.

I, wanting to take a more proactive role in our investments — strongly encouraged my dear sweet hubs to meet with him.

We met him and we invested.

We lost $2,500 in 30 days.

Just when I thought I’d gotten through with my skin, I receive a phone call from a new guy telling me our agent has left the company — and he wants to meet with us to discuss our portfolio.

I asked him to call back Wednesday when my husband was home to introduce himself.

So much for trust.

And living.

And handling our long term investments ever again –

you can say forgettaboutit.

If he takes out an insurance policy? I’m screwed.


4 thoughts on “Return: If I don’t return, it’s because he’s killed me

  1. There is a proplem where they have to sell things every month regardless of the state of the market or its prospects. Gaining the clients trust is vital. We are taught to think long term but currently the market is way below the place it was in 2000 and the prospects are uncertain, unles you want to get involved in more speculative investments, which I doubt. It’s a painful tale to read is this


    • Very true. The credit rating for the US is in the toilet and that hurts even foreign investments. We have an election year coming up which means the market will have more ups and downs than our weather. China owns more of the US than we do today. I find that decidedly ironic really considering all of the trade sanctions we used to have against them. DH hasn’t killed me yet. I’m his Lucille Ball. Thankfully I married a very level headed man.


    • This is true Rena. I really liked this guy too. He’s not one of those commission hungry brokers who chase futures week after week like a lot of them. I hope this new guy isn’t either. At least I have an IRA now, I didn’t before. We will survive this. 🙂


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