The Fair is coming! The Fair is coming!

The Tulsa State Fair opens in 21 days! I can’t wait. We went to see Third Day play there last year and while there I thought I’d be brave (another word for stupid) and try the Krispy Cream Bacon Cheese Burger.

I don’t suggest doing that.

It wasn’t pretty.

It didn’t even taste good.

I discovered a whole new level of nasty. After raising two boys, I did not think that possible.

What is the most unique food item you’ve ever tasted at the fair?

One thought on “The Fair is coming! The Fair is coming!

  1. That even sounds nasty! They probably never gave out samples of that crud because if anyone tried it, they wouldn’t buy it. Caramel and pecans wouldn’t even make that sandwich edible and you could add caramel and pecans to Johnson Grass and make it taste good! LOL!


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