Even my computer is insecure. Great.

I saw this message when I logged on today:

You are using an insecure browser! It looks like you’re using an insecure version of Internet Explorer. Using an outdated browser makes your computer unsafe. For the best WordPress experience, please update your browser. Update Internet Explorer or learn how to browse happy.

“Learn how to browse happy.”

I love that.

It makes me wonder though. I mean what does it mean to browse unhappy?

Do web pages compare themselves to one another?

Do systems suffer from server envy?

Is a large bandwidth the result of too much sugar

or an over inflated ego?

Is Joomla a code word for ganja?

Is SQL anything like LSD?

What makes a browser insecure?

Did I not appreciate it enough?

Is sad because Google Chrome is just that much shinier?

I do have to laugh, heaven knows I’m insecure enough. Really – you should have seen me when I found out a guy I knew when I was 15 has since graduated from Yale as well as the Chicago School of  Law and is now an attorney in Utah. Suddenly my whole career achievements paled in comparison (in my imagination at least) and I turned into a blithering puddle of insecurities. It wasn’t pretty, trust me.

I was an exchange student in Sweden my junior year, which is how I met this fellow to begin with.  While I loved being there, it did hurt my overall GPA and my grades weren’t good enough in high school to get into the University of Michigan like I wanted. I wound up graduating with an Associates Degree from a local business college instead.

It does not matter that I ran my own data room by time I was 21, was a Sigma 7 Analyst for Motorola’s board of directors, trained engineers on global network optimization, or that I designed and engineered the SS7 network protocol system for the MCI/Wiltel network integrations including electronic and geographic diversity – no easy feat when you know how incestuous telecom really is. I did all of that before I turned 33, at which point I left my career to raise my family.

When presented with something I label as more prestigious than what I’ve accomplished, I crumble like bad cheese.

Unlike Internet Explorer, my upgrades to security don’t come with a click of a button, although I wish they would. Mine comes with hard work, honesty, self-realization, and hopefully a sense of humor.

How about you?

What things make you feel insecure. How do you deal with it?

This post written by Deana O’Hara for Redemption’s Heart. All rights reserved. september 29, 2011.

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