And so this is New Year

I read once that the trick to getting over the blank page hump is to write three or four sentances.

I’m not sure if it works.

But I thought I’d give it a try.

And lo, I’m writing.

Happy New Year you guys. Did you know that Mayans did not believe the world was going to end in 2012? They calendared Eras not years. To them 2012 signifies the ending of an era of darkness and begins the era of light. I rather like that thought, don’t you?

This is my very first alone time moment in three weeks that does not involve napping to shut the world out or showers. I have a puppy that won’t even let me pee alone without busting down the door to save me but she will let me shower alone, thankfully. Right now my oldest is sleeping, hubs is working and youngest is at school for another 30 minutes. I better make the most of it. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family beyond measure. I’m also an introvert. (or INFJ according to Meyers Briggs) Alone time is crucial to my ET. (Emotional Temperature.)

I’m sitting at my new desk, looking around my office and I’m filled with joy and fear all at once. So many possibilities lay ahead. It’s finally put together – mostly. We painted the walls, hung the pictures and brought up the furnature.  So far I love it. Just don’t ask what the rest of my house looks like.

I have learned that self-effacing humor does not always translate well in the literary sense. Despite my initial neurotic rantings about how I came to choose my word for the year (breathe) I actually like the possibilities that it opens. I’m only day four into the new year and I’ve already found great moments to practice my breathing.

When my togetherness threshold meets one more day of vacation than I anticipate, I need to breathe.–  Everyone, and I do mean EVERY one in my house has a different idea on how to spend the day. — I want to clean the house, put away Christmas, do laundry and put away all our stuff from the lake that is still laying throughout the main level of our home. My boys want to film their newest epic movie with friends at our house (which is a mess). And my husband wants to complete the transfer of rooms, which involves the moving of furniture and the placing of more boxes throughout the hall and house. I never did get my house clean. I did however at least get Christmas put away.

When I finally step on the scale (first time since Thanksgiving) I discover that I am UP 13 pounds. – I need to breathe.

When I tell my husband I’m cancelling my Friday Drs appt because I’m up 13 pounds oh and yeah, I accidentally followed the guy’s racing team on twitter over break and well can I just find a new doctor? (I’m neurotic like that) — He practices breathing. No go on cancelling, he made me promise I’d keep the appointment.

When I find out my new dental bridge costs $1006 out-of-pocket because of our deductible – I need to breathe.

And finally when I have my short me time, I practice breathing in the possibilities of the year to come. My next choice can determine the outcome of 2012. Taking the time to breathe before I act helps me choose well.

I’ve been reading your posts. Seems everyone is excited about 2012 as I am. Many of you have new words or phrases for the year. That’s exciting. So, what goals do you have to 2012? What steps do you plan on taking in January to get you there? I’d love to hear from you.



4 thoughts on “And so this is New Year

  1. Go ahead and hate me…I am still DOWN 35 pounds since March. I actually took my jeans off last night without undoing the button and zipper. JUST BREATHE, DEANA…DON’T KILL!!!! I have to practice “the word” when I go to the shower and discover that my dad’s puppy has left me a surprise gift in front of the bathroom door…which I find without the benefit of the hallway light being turned on. Good thing I was headed INTO the shower and not OUT of it!!!! Is it ok to “just breathe” through clinched teeth?


    • through clenched teeth? oh yeah. Moms do that all the time right? I think they call it teeth talk. Congrats on staying down. I over indulged big time. I knew I was doing it to, so I have no one to blame but myself.


  2. It’s official, Deana; I think we’re twins. I, too, am up about 12 or 13 pounds from Thanksgiving…I’m sure lots of it is just water weight. Well, that’s my story, and I’m stickin’ with it…My biggest resolution is to DO things – not postpone them, not to think, “when the apartment is clean/when I have $XXXX in savings/when I’m at my goal weight/when I have done XXXX.” And I did…I changed churches – not out of “oh Lord, you are not IN this place [like, at all],” but out of “You have been working with me for over a year to move on and I didn’t do it, and although I will miss these people like CRAZY, I still can see them, and I need to go where I can be of more use, just like you have been prodding me…” And starting next…Saturday, I’m getting back on the Eat-Right Express, and I am actually going to put the rebounder where I can use it…actually going to move it…
    And I’m doing a LOT of letting go…a whole big ol’ lot of it…
    Love your blog, Deana. Love it a lot.


    • Those sound like great goals. I know they are hard, but good goals usually are.

      I’d love to blame the weight gain on water, but I’m thinking it was more the eggnog and cookies I ate so much of over break. That and with my oldest home I did a lot of Paula Deen esque meals. Good old fashioned southern cooking.

      Procrastination is my downfall, good for you for breaking that. I left my bike at the lake, I need to go get it and R-I-D-E it while the weather is still nice. I took it with me, put on the trainers and never rode it. Not good. Another reason why I gained the weight I’m sure.

      Looking forward to a great 2012 – for both of us. Hugs – D


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