A Really Cheesey Poem from 1982

Drinking from dry wells is a waste of time and energy. Poetic interpretation is as much about the state of mind of the reader as it is the writer. Huge shakers full of salt grains really do come in handy when laying your heart on the line. I remember sitting in the school library on October 27, 1982 writing the following poem. Moved by the beauty of the frost outside the window as well as the reality that my old life, high school, was ending and having spent the previous year in Sweden I was more than ready to get on with living. My heart and my mind traveled ahead while my body endured one last winter. — contrary to my mother’s belief that this was a poem about suicide (she almost put me in therapy), it is really about coming of age and the importance of waiting.

And I Wait for Spring

Morning frost covers the ground,

remnants of the night’s cold.

The crimson sun shines brightly, illuminating the morning.

Leaves shed their disguise of green and take on colors

which are better seen silhouetted again the pale blue sky of day.

The sun shines on the parade of wonderous colors

preparing for time of painted sleep.

The bubbling brook once fast and full of life

slows its course to better carry

winters burden.

A joining of life and placid rest

A time of time of celebration and endings

waiting for a new beginning.


2 thoughts on “A Really Cheesey Poem from 1982

  1. Thanks. Glad you don’t think it’s cheesey. 😉 I’m editing my stuff and laughing at the angst of those college and highschool years. My internet is acting up, I can go to your page, but it jumps me right back to mine. Once I have it figured out, I’m looking forward to reading your new posts.


  2. Well, I don’t think it’s cheesy – it beats the socks off most of the poems I have written (I’m a better ‘meditative prose’ writer…in addition to be Queen Smart-Aleck of My Own Blog). And I see it filled with hope. I hope your 2012 will be wonderful – I’m certainly believing for my own to be! You asked in another blog post about resolutions – here are two more of mine: “forgetting what lies behind and reaching out for what lies ahead” (aka ‘letting go’) and ‘making each day a masterpiece.’ So far…not so great but then, working 40 hours over 4 days, well, I’m just happy to be functioning!

    You’re a great ‘blog-friend’ and I’m so glad that this last December when I was trying to find the Lutherans’ Messiah (which I missed by a week…), I happened upon your blog.

    I’ll be posting yesterday AND today on my blog…soon – perhaps this evening. Keep posting, Deana. I love reading your ‘stuff.’



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