Friday Funny – I’m not a morning person

Rumor has it there are people who wake up, shower, and even dress before drinking coffee. There are even people who don’t drink coffee at all, or so I’m told. I do not trust people like that.  I need a cup of coffee just to turn on the coffee maker. I might have a problem. It took me three cups of coffee just to work up the wherewithal to call my doctor this morning just to tell them I cannot make my appointment. THE appointment that I set four months ago because I really need to talk to him about something and don’t want to wait until my annual in September. And I had to cancel. Why? Because our new dog ate my glasses and I cannot drive without them. Three cups of coffee did not make me feel any less of a moron about calling. Just sayin’.

I know that I made several neurotic references to my premeditative state of possibly bailing on this appointment anyway, but I really was planning on going. I like him. More or less. As far as doctors go anyway. I only get neurotic because I have to deal with so many different doctors all at once. I miss the day when I could go to one doctor for everything. Not anymore. Everyone is specialized now. Add to that, I’m a caretaker of many people. Between Mom’s COPD (She’s in her last year probably), Dillon’s Epilepsy, and my In-Laws cancer (they’ve now passed), I’ve logged a few thousand hours in the doctor’s office. Therefore, I tend to avoid them even if it’s for me. I have made a committment to improve on that. Caretakers absolutely suck at taking care of themselves, don’t we.

The laugh is on me though. Instead of seeing one doctor, I now get to go see the eye doctor instead and get my glasses replaced. (it’s only two miles away) Probably should pick up a second pair to hide in my bra drawer just in case the puppy eats those as well. I live in a houseful of men — want to hide something you don’t want them to see? Put it in your bra drawer. Works every time. Not even a child dying to know what you got him for Christmas will look in there.

Hope you guys are having a great friday. I’ve got U2 on the stereo and I’m organizing the new space. Looking forward to the rest of the month.


Be Well

Be Happy

and don’t forget to Breathe.



4 thoughts on “Friday Funny – I’m not a morning person

  1. I LOVE COFFEE! Can’t imagine a morning without it! I’m not a morning person either. My brother gave me a coffee cup that says, “Crabby until I get my coffee.”

    I don’t like going to the doctors either. My doctor knows it and makes me come in once a year! I think he gets a kick out of me…


  2. I can relate to the puppy ate my glasses issue.. BTDT!!!! And i was on vacation and it wasn’t even my puppy!!!!! Still, trying to track down a replacement pair long distance is more fun than a local search…just sayin’.


    • This is true. The irony is I was going to see him over menopause issues – like forgetfulness, losing things, etc.. My new glasses should be ready Monday — My brain, well it comes and goes at will these days. — did order some Phyto Relief through Arrbonne. Should help.


      • On the bright side, you did not make the optometrist appointment for the menopause issues and gyn appoitment to replace your glasses…so all in all, you are doing pretty good! LOL


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