Personal Foul: 15 Yard Penalty Repeat First Down

Him: What is your son studying in college?

Me: Engineering.

Him: Wow that’s a tough program.

Me: Yep. He got his Dad’s intelligence and my love for art.


Personal Foul, 15 yard penalty, repeat first down.

I just told that man I thought I was stupid!


Have you ever listened, and I mean R-E-A-L-L-Y listened to what you say about yourself to others?

I’m so clumsy.

I’m forgetful.

I’m Whiney.

I’m not smart.

Brilliant me forgot to log miles last month. (Just posted that one yesterday. Ouch)

On and on an on I go.

I wonder what would happen if we could have an NFL referee following us around, listening to us speak and throwing flags every time we put ourselves down. Wouldn’t that be a trip.

Okay, I’m not a referee, although I do have a really cool whistle from my coaching days. And I can’t follow you around. BUT I can re-read my old posts and man I put myself down a lot. So much so that I seriously considered pulling my blog this week. It has been painful reading let me tell you. Self effacing humor is not humility. At least not the way I do it.

So, I’ve decided to keep a log on my iPad. I’m going to pay attention to what I say and every time I complain about myself, put myself down or make a snarky remark I’m going to log it and replace it with a truth statement. I going to breathe some life into these dead bones of my self-esteem. If I am not my own best friend, who will be?

And I’m going to start with what I told that man. – I’m an intelligent artist.

Okay – just for fun or exorcism, either way. Won’t you please comment and tell us one lie you tell about yourself and replace it with a truth statement? Ready? Go.

7 thoughts on “Personal Foul: 15 Yard Penalty Repeat First Down

  1. How much time ya got? I find myself saying things such as, “I can hardly do one thing at a time” and “I tend to be rude and difficult.” And neither one is true. I definitely can do one thing at a time and on occasion, more than one although I agree with research that says multitasking is a myth. And I’m not rude or difficult. In fact, I’m extremely courteous and as my BFF says, “Really easy to deal with.” I’ve also said, “I am so CLUMSY” and that’s not true at all. I rarely drop things or trip over things. I’m actually graceful. Yes, this is a hard one. I’ve really had enough of ugly self-talk.


    • I know right? This one is insidious for me. It’s going to take a lot of awareness to break this habit again. I’d slayed this dragon once years ago and I can slay it again.


      • There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. My self mutilation is more of a mental thing that does not get publicized that much. As an example, someone “praises” me for a job well done (their words) and I graciously thank them, but on the inside I am telling myself that they are just being nice, that I didn’t do that great of a job. So on the outside, it looks like I am confident but I am telling myself it’s all a “game”. So if that counts in the penalty rules, the other team just scored a touchback…again.


  2. My lie: I want to be a writer when I grow up.

    What I’m actually saying: I don’t think I’m capable of doing this, so I’m putting a distance between myself and my goal.

    What I will say instead: I’m a writer.

    Thanks for the penalty flag!


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