Cassidy Gets her lip pierced.

Hi There. My name is Cassidy. I’m a rescue dog.  When I was just 4 months old, I rescued my master from this really busy parking lot and went home with her to take care of her border collie Rocky because he was sad and lonely. I like to play with Rocky. He’s funny. Sometimes he’ll be pretending to sleep in the back yard and as soon as I start barking at him, he jumps as high as the moon and then chases me around the pool.

My Mommy is busy today covering up holes in the yard with fresh dirt so that I can dig again. Isn’t she nice? I like my Mommy. She keeps yummy things laying around the house for me to eat. Sometimes she leaves a big ole juicy pot roast on the counters just for me.

It has to be for me.

Everything is for me.

It’s the rule.

I went with Mommy to the lake this weekend and oh the wonderful smells. We had so much fun running and playing and fishing. She even left chocolate cookies on the counter for me to eat.

I almost couldn’t get them because Mommy likes to hide my food in plastic boxes and put it waaaay back and out of reach. But I’ve grown now and I can reach anything I want.

Do you know that I am part Jack Russell?


I can jump three feet straight into the air.

That helps when reaching cookies.

I didn’t eat all of them. I left three on the floor for master. I’m sure she was pleased. I’m learning how to share.

I also left a big old brown spot in the middle of her white carpet after I threw up.

I don’t like throwing up.

I must have eaten too much dog food.

Mommy called someone named “The Vet” to make sure I will be okay.

I don’t like that name. We know a man with that name in Tulsa. He likes to poke me with nasty things. I hope this man doesn’t come over. If he does, I’ll bite him. But he said I’d be fine and he doesn’t need to come over. Yippee!

When I was feeling better I went hunting for smells and I found hot dogs.

The boy who lives with us likes to fish. I like it when he fishes. We run and jump and play near the water. There are lots of great smells near the water.

I smelled hot dogs on Saturday.

And I know they were for me.


They were deep inside a green bag and on a stick! Yummy!


I don’t like that stick. It’s pointy and it won’t come out! MOOMMMY!!!

Mommy chased me all over the yard trying to take my hot dog away but I wouldn’t let her catch me so she called Mr Vet again and this time he came over.

I tried to bite him but he told Mommy we needed to have a blanket party.

I like parties. I just wish my mouth didn’t hurt so much.

I got excited when I saw Mommy get a nice big blanket from inside but then she threw it on me and everything went dark.

That’s when Mr Vet gave me a shot, right in my back leg.

WOW did that hurt.

I don’t like blanket parties.

I must have been really tired from all the smells and running because I fell asleep really fast and when I woke up, I was on the blanket and Mr Vet wasn’t there anymore.
Mommy wouldn’t let me eat or drink anything for a looong time. And she wrapped up my lip ring and threw it deep in the trash so that I don’t find it again. I guess a 10 month old puppy is too young for a lip ring.

Mommy said she’s really tired today from resting at the lake all weekend. We might take a nap. I’m thinking that is a good idea.

Have a great day ya’ll.

6 thoughts on “Cassidy Gets her lip pierced.

  1. She sounds like she has the same personality as my dad…did I tell you about the trip to the parts store with no driver’s door?


    • That is a perfect name for her. WOW what a weekend. Of course she couldn’t puke in a discrete part of the living room – oh no – dead center. Looks good next to the red paint she got into three months ago. 😉 The hook was only in her lip thank heavens, but we still had to knock her out. That was kinda funny. She looked like Stevie Wonder waving her head back and forth. Happy she’s well today. Trying to keep her out of more trouble. HA! Fat chance.


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