Speaking Truth, The Value of Friendship

Great advice from a comic friend — “Honey if you don’t have people you can tell the truth to, your safe circle is too small.” –

We all need people in our lives with whom we can be just ourselves. People we can tell the truth to and people who will tell us the truth in return. We need to cherish those relationships. 

I really don’t have more to add to that right now. I think it’s enough.

Cherish your inner circle.

Create one if you must.

And then protect it with everything you have.

5 thoughts on “Speaking Truth, The Value of Friendship

  1. Interesting response you guys. I agree with the passage and I also believe that “Speaking the truth in love is Christianese for criticism.: In this particular instance I had shared with a comic friend the truth about my church work experience, something only a small handful know – ALL of them outside of my tradition. When she asked if I had anyone local I could talk to about it, I told her no. That’s what triggered her comment. My safe circle was too small then.

    I’m actually going for something bigger here. Not that our friends won’t tell us the truth if we’re going in the wrong direction, yes that is important, I’m also talking about the need of having an inner circle that you can be real with. Especially if we are in a ministry or service job of any kind.

    One of my blogger friends writes about the value of his riding group. They have regular joes, surgeons, engineers, VP’s etc (in other words, high profile people) and when they ride, the titles come off and it’s just people on bikes. — We need that in our lives. We need places where we can lay down our titles and positiions and the expectations that go along with that, and just be us.


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