Garden: Spring is in the air

I have a lot of gardening to catch up on this Spring. Things to change, move, dig up and bury. I thought I’d share a few photos of what I found waiting for me in my own back yard.

My Roses are in Bloom

Spring is my favorite time of year because I haven’t killed anything yet.

4 thoughts on “Garden: Spring is in the air

  1. Thank you everyone. Rena — this is my side garden. We had to put up a white picket fence to keep the dogs out of it as well as from running out of the main gate. They used to run that fence line (there is a church next door) and just tore it up. The rest of my yard is a land mine of holes from the new puppy. It had taken three years for the side yard to look good.


  2. When I go out all I find are little yellow flowers and ground cover with tiny little clusters of white ones. I have not been able to garden since we accumulated dogs with digger instincts! I am envious of you!


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