Cycling Update: April 19, 2011

My new 18 speed Giant. My very first true road bike purchased just last fall.

A few people have been asking so I thought I better fess up. I have not been on a bike of any kind in almost two months. I’ve also gained back the 10 pounds I lost while riding.

I know, I know. I do plan on returning in a week after my oldest comes home from college. Not that it is any excuse, but I have been fully immersed in my youngest son’s soccer season. He’s a senior and this is his last year to play varsity. I’m having a blast. I LOVE SOCCER!

The soccer season ends next weekend, my oldest will be home as well, and I will be back out on the trails with my new toys after May 6.  I will post on cycling again once that happens.


One thought on “Cycling Update: April 19, 2011

  1. You know, I’m not big on exercise either (as in, at all…) and in the process of perfecting a chocolate cheesecake for my best friend’s birthday at the end of May – and testing a big ol’ whole lot of it on myself – I feel as if I am moving back to the Large Economy Size. I have SO got to get with it. But I’m glad someone is having fun – and I’m glad to hear you’re having such a great time at your son’s soccer games. AND that you have a plan. I’m working on a plan…slowly. I feel like that haiku:

    Oh snail,
    climb Mt. Fuji,
    But slowly, slowly

    Or something like that…Losing the rest of adult blimpage here is a very great deal like climbing Mt. Fuji, especially that slowly, slowly part…We’ll be watching your progress with bated breath (or as one person wrote, ‘baited’ breath…)

    ;-P Weltha


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