4 thoughts on “Friday Funny: The Next Time You are Asked to Play For Free

  1. I AM a musician and I’m so glad that a fellow musician wrote a reply. I am constantly asked to sing for free etc. Hello I went to college for my music degree and I expect to be paid for what I do. There was a similar issue that was on Facebook re: paying the musicians in England for the Summer Olympics. Apparently some one thought it was a great ideal to have them play all for free and that the ‘exposure’ would be their payment. Try telling that to the bank or credit card company when they come knocking at your door.


  2. I love that “reply” by the anonymous musician! We have a “you owe me” society that has no qualms about thinking it is perfectly fine to ask for another’s talents (for which they make their living) “as a favor”. We have it constantly in the medical field, too. If you ask and the person volunteers their time and talent is one thing, but to ask for it without intention of paying is soemthing else entirely!


  3. Because I edit and ghost-write, I am frequently asked by fellow believers to donate my time and talent to their book projects, etc. I am FULL of doing ‘free things’ and always reply, “It’s so sweet of you to want me to donate my time and effort, but the cost for my doing this is $10 a page.”

    That generally stops them dead in their tracks….


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