6 thoughts on “Monday Humor: Stunt Double

  1. My husband pointed out one flaw in my ad. I’ve had a hysterectomy, what if my stunt double didn’t. He could just imagine my doctor’s surprise, “Oh wow, it grew back.” —


  2. Now why on earth would you want a stunt double to take your place…and miss out on all of the wonderful embarrassment, humiliation, “exposure” and discomfort? Would you REALLY want someone else to do that for you?….Wait a minute..WHAT AM I SAYING?? HECK YEAH…FIND A STUNT DOUBLE FOR ME WHILE YOU ARE AT IT!!!!


    • And Rena, you didn’t write a humor story for Hister Sisters that took two years to go viral. I have’t seen him since that happened. Someone sent it to his office.


    • Hi Vicky! — Love your blog. Thank you for commenting… I don’t have any takers yet. There are apparently some ethical and legal with the whole fill in for me thing. But oh I wish. HA


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