It’s an OB/GYN Christmas


Seen on Facebook.  Per Awkward Family photos:

“My mother is a gynecologist and also into Christmas crafts.”

All I can say is this is one craft idea that probably won’t make it to Pinterest. And yes, those reindeer are made out of what you think they are.



And the strangest search to find my blog so far in 2014 is….

are you ready kids?

I wasn’t.

Did you know if you search for “Gynecologist Jokes” on Google, you will find my blog?


98% of my stories are about life after kids, gardening, faith, poetry and travel.

I do not write sex jokes –

okay, there was that one.

Or maybe two..


Granted, I did have a bit of a weird meltdown after my hysterectomy in 2010 and had to see a male gyno for the first time ever in my life. And yes it’s true I wrote several jokes about that which included the promoting of sedation gynecology and if you hear a comic in Tulsa tell that joke other than me — they stole it.

Just sayin;.

Deep cleansing breath.

And yes, it’s true that I did write a poem about my annual exam.

Still, it’s been at least two years since I wrote a good gynecologist joke. I honestly don’t have one. At least not any that I can tell without turning purple. So why I show up on the search is beyond me. The only reason I know this is because my blog gets hit at least two or three times a week by people looking for a good GYN joke and I did a google test to find out why.

Good heavens.

Of all the SEO search engines in the world, I had to wind up on this one.

So… in that spirit, for all ya’ll looking for a good joke, I offer this new one that I found…

22-true-meaning-of-gynecologistHave a great day!

Friday Funny: Why I need stunt doubles, or at least roofies (PG-13)

Things you never want to hear your gynecologist say:

“We’ll just hook up some tiny electrodes and…”

Let’s face it, there is no good way to end that sentence.

And he wonders why I ask for stunt doubles and roofies.

Turns out, he has “ethical issues” with both.

Electrocuting me until I pee however, is perfectly fine.

Go figure.



For the Hyperbole Impaired: I’m having multi-tasking “issues” and doc wanted to look at a solution and run tests. When asked to describe the test all he said was “We are going to hook up some electrodes and basically make your bladder misbehave” I’m not a nurse or a medical technician, there was no way I was going to know that did not mean “electrocute you until you pee.”