Friday Funny: Why I need stunt doubles, or at least roofies (PG-13)

Things you never want to hear your gynecologist say:

“We’ll just hook up some tiny electrodes and…”

Let’s face it, there is no good way to end that sentence.

And he wonders why I ask for stunt doubles and roofies.

Turns out, he has “ethical issues” with both.

Electrocuting me until I pee however, is perfectly fine.

Go figure.



For the Hyperbole Impaired: I’m having multi-tasking “issues” and doc wanted to look at a solution and run tests. When asked to describe the test all he said was “We are going to hook up some electrodes and basically make your bladder misbehave” I’m not a nurse or a medical technician, there was no way I was going to know that did not mean “electrocute you until you pee.”

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