Let’s Hear it for Monday

 Last week is over. Hip Hip Hurray!

For anyone who follows me on Facebook, you know that’s a good thing. Last week was, well… not the greatest as far as weeks go. While my new estrogen patch might be helping with some of the more uncomfortable menopause symptoms like hot flashes and insomnia, I have discovered that it does nothing for my redheaded temper and walleyed hissies with a red rubber tail.

Last week was a red rubber tail kind of week.

Last week our circle learned that religion and politics do nothing to build relationships and that Christians don’t always know how to behave. A so-called called Christian watchdog organization is calling for a boycott on the Stop Bullying Campaign and my skull just split in half. Things like that make me want to stop telling people I’m a Christian. We even had a sand storm in Tulsa that made breathing pointless.

I ended last week emotionally and mentally exhausted. Fortunately for all of us, our oldest came home for the weekend and joy and order were restored. We watched Minding the Monsters by Jeff Dunham and laughed ourselves stupid.I practiced my banjo until my fingers hurt trying to learn a new G-Lick (Which my husband thinks sounds dirty, but really isn’t.) The Detroit Tigers won the Championship beating out my beloved’s White Sox by only two games. Having grown up near Detroit, I’m happy to root for my home team in the World Series. And we took our oldest out to dinner at a local hot spot and just enjoyed our time together before he had to head back to college.

All in all it was a great weekend.

Which brings me to Monday.

This week, my friend Sundi Jo is launching a new e-book and I get to tell you about it tomorrow. We have Halloween parties to attend, friends to visit, and goals to accomplish. While I’m not normally a fan of Mondays, this particular Monday is a chance at a do-over for the week. It’s a clean slate and we all need those once in awhile.


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