We are all hypocrites and drama queens

There is a difference between a catastrophe and an inconvenience. While some of us are happy that President Obama won a second term, many are unhappy and are reacting as though this were an earth shattering catastrophe.  Let me make myself clear here — Hurricane Sandy and the destruction to lower Manhattan and other parts of the East coast is a catastrophe – Mitt Romney losing the election is an inconvenience at best. Some  of us need to get a grip.

No matter who you voted for yesterday, today we breathe in, we put one foot in front of the other and we live. Hopefully we live for something outside of ourselves. I voted, and those who know me best know who I voted for and why. Granted if you follow me on Twitter, you already know who I voted for and if you are still reading my blog you either agree with me or came to see if God struck me dead with lightning yet.

So for all of my Christian readers who believe I’m in a hand basket headed straight for hell, sorry. I’m still here. And being black-listed for either being a Christian or being a Democrat does not hurt my feelings. I needed time off anyway and now that my entire month of November is free, I can write my book.

I say that a little tongue in cheek in all honesty. Are we really that petty? Hollywood black lists Christians and Christians black list each other over trivial things. Drama queens abound on either side and yet somewhere in the middle is our tribe.

I’ll admit trying to give up anger during an election year has not been easy. I might as well as tried to give up chocolate while working in a candy store. So many things can make my skull split in half, the word “Koolaid” being the most recent thing that brings out my alter-ego “home-girl.” I try to placate her with cookies, but sometimes she comes out and she is U-G-L-Y.

I have an IQ of over 145, I don’t drink koolaid and neither does anyone else I know. I hear that word on both sides of the spectrum. Not only does the far right use it to describe Democrats, I have several atheist friends do the same thing to describe anyone who dares believe in a God.  My writers group is loaded with atheists and progressive Christians. I fall somewhere in the middle I’m sure.

I love my friends dearly, and I know I am a bit of a conundrum to them. I’m a Christian female who gave up my career to raise my family. No regrets. I choose to submit to my husband out of love and respect (not fear or koolaid brainwashing), and yet I am a Democrat. I believe in helping those less fortunate. I believe that women have equal value to men. I believe in a lot of things actually. If I’ve learned nothing from this election season, I’ve learned this: In the final analysis, be us believers of God or not, we’re all hypocrites and drama queens.   

That’s good news to me. Knowing we are all hypocrites means we can let go of our masks and just be ourselves and hopefully learn to love each other.

Now let us put one foot in front of the other, breathe in and out, stop awefullizing everything, quit being a victim and LIVE.

3 thoughts on “We are all hypocrites and drama queens

  1. I agree change is a choice. That has a lot to do with my finding ways to deal with my own temper. I know I added fuel to the fire early on. I don’t want to anymore. This was the nastiest election in my memory. All sides made themselves look bad with our all or nothing, my way or the highway dramatics. Believers in God and unbelievers alike went to town with each other. — We all have a place in this world. Hoping I make a difference at least one day at a time. And learning to better weed my vocabulary. I used “moron” far too much and if I really want to point fingers, I have to remember I have three pointing back at me as well. I’m just as much a hypocrite and drama queen as the next guy or gal on any given day. I can control that when I choose. Most of us still respect each other the next day – that’s always nice. I’d have posted the same thing even if it went the other way – we breathe, we live.


  2. As a Christian and a registered Republican and a working girl most of my life, I appreciate your clear thinking viewpoint of a Christian and a Democrat. I see much of the conviction comes from the social justice stance, which is taught in the Bible as well as the self-reliance and personal responsibility. It’s often hard to find a venue (either side) where different viewpoints can be presented without being shouted down … by drama queens. Yet, Jesus had disciples from the Left wing (Simon, the Zealot) and the Right wing (Matthew, the tax collector). Like the time of Christ, we still live in interesting times. And I wish we were more united in the cause of what is best for our country.


  3. Agreed. We are. It’s true! I also think, that if we acknowledge this while still saying “but I don’t really want to BE that way most of the time” then we can develop skills to at least buffer or intervene when hypocritical/drama queen thoughts begin to surface in our minds! We have to be aware and mindful of ourselves, while having compassion for ourselves and others.


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