This Is Pretty Awesome: What to wear when you ride

photo (2)Okay, okay. I haven’t exactly been writing about riding much lately, but I AM still riding — see I have proof. My husband took this of me on our last ride in November. I’m still hitting the trails and I love it. I still look like a total dork in full gear, but oh well. I’m out in the sun, getting exercise, building muscle, losing weight (7 1/2 pounds in November), etc. and with every mile I put on my bike, I’m one step closer to climbing Pikes Peak and other cool stuff. So looking like a dork or no, I’m out there.

Temps have been crazy in Tulsa and while my gear worked for the summer months, I’m finding the clothes  don’t adjust well to cooler temps. I hit up a friend of mine for advice and they told me about this really cool web page. All you have to do is type in the Temp, Wind, Sunny or Cloudy, and Warm or Cool when you ride and this page will make suggestions on what to wear.

How freakin‘ — I mean – awesomely cool is that? Now, I’m sure all of you know about this page already, but on the off-chance someone does not, and wants to keep riding as long as possible, I offer up WHAT TO WEAR FROM BICYCLING DOT COM.

So if you want to ride outside through out as much of winter as possible, check out that really cool link. Stay healthy and stay warm. — See y’all on the road.




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