Music Monday: Tommy Emmanuel Funny Guitar Boogie

Once I accepted the fact that my wife has a thing for guitar players, I was able to relax and enjoy the ride. — (My husband)

It’s true. I do have a thing for guitar players. Honestly, I don’t think it’s all that bad, after all it’s the only reason I ever agreed to go with my now husband in the first place. I loved dating a guitar player and hanging with the band. We had a blast together and when he wasn’t playing, we were going to see other bands play. Mostly though, I just love listening to him play. His musical knowledge far exceeded my own and for almost a year I believed he’d written those obscure-known-only-to-guitar-player Yes songs he used to like to play.

He even wrote me love songs when we were dating. Of course now he plays in a praise and worship band and writes songs about Jesus. I’d be jealous but the whole don’t want to risk getting struck by lightening thing keeps that in check. Most times anyway.

Most of you readers know that I decided to learn how to play banjo last year and this year I took up guitar. I’m learning how to boogie. I thought I was doing rather well too until I saw this video. Now I want to throw up.  Tommy Emmanuel is not only an amazing guitar player, he is hilarious.  Hope you enjoy the video.


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