Where in the world is Deana?

Where in the world is Deana?

Hi everyone. I know I’ve been rather absent on the blogosphere and I am sorry about that. Truth is, I’ve had surgery on my right leg. Due to an old childhood injury, my right leg is messed up and I’m getting it fixed. I had my tibia lengthened three weeks ago. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Not really. I know. It’s in three parts right now and is being held together with a metal plate and screws. In january they will go back and add a metal rod to stabilize my leg and a hinge to attach it to my ankle.

I’m 6 weeks post op tomorrow and finally off pain meds. Which means I get to write again. I made a promise to myself after my last surgery to never again blog while on pain meds. Last time I did that I told the world I thought my surgeon looked like Robert Downey Jr., rocked liked Bono and pondered if  I could keep him if I said he followed me home. On the upside I did get almost 1,000 new followers that week. The downside, one of them was the Tulsa Mental Health Association. (Cyber wave) so, yeah, I don’t BWI anymore.

My next surgery isn’t until January. I do have some stories that I am looking forward to sharing with you, as well as some new friends I want you to meet.

Until later,



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