Top Five Worst Comments Christians Make to Depressed Friends

One of my comedy heroes committed suicide yesterday. I’m still in shock. There have been great conversations regarding depression. People are opening up and sharing. I think this adds to the conversation. Hope you enjoy it. Peace and Love.


I must confess something to you. It may come as a shock in light of my 172 posts over the past 14 months of blogging. My husband would deny it, but it’s the truth: Sometimes I am at a loss for words.

I’ll grant you, it’s not often, but I came across a list on line a year that left me speechless for some time. It was a compilation of actual quotes from loved ones and well meaning folks toward their depressed friend or family member. One quote literally referred to finding a prostitute as a solution! I just sat there thinking….


So after a year of not having anything to say, I now feel compelled to speak on behalf of thousands of wonderful people who battle depression. I see them in my office and I watch them try so hard to figure out why, oh why can’t they…

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2 thoughts on “Top Five Worst Comments Christians Make to Depressed Friends

  1. Yes they do Jim. I know several people who have. I also know so many people though who struggle with this their whole lives. I cannot imagine that. To me these phrases are like telling an alcoholic all they need is willpower to drink responsibly. An alcoholic can’t do that, nor is it possible for someone who is clinically depressed to snap out of it.
    Most people don’t understand that.


  2. Yeah, shouldn’t be a surprise, I don’t agree with much in that post, but I’m not one of those touchy-feely guys. When I went through panic attacks, I wanted to learn how to make them stop (I did). Point is, a good majority of the time people use suicide threats as a manipulation to get their way (I did)… I don’t have the answers, just my experience, so I won’t be worrying about what anyone thinks I should think (or do) because that would be crazy.

    Yes, that was intended.

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